Dress Code

Why do we need a dress code?

“ It is important that as members of Crewe Golf Club, we understand that Dress Code rules are not just for rules sake. Infact, these rules are actually crucial in developing an underlying spirit where all members and guests respect each other and honour the tradition of the club, by wearing proper attire which is clean, neat and tidy when on the club premises”.


Hats must be worn the correct way round. Shirts must be tucked in and have sleeves & a collar, polo neck or mock turtle necks are permitted. No football or slogan type shirts or tee shirts are allowed. Shorts must be tailored. No combats, blue denim, cut-offs or tracksuit type trousers are allowed. Trousers must not be tucked into socks. Golf shoes only no trainers


Hats must be worn the correct way round. Shirts/blouses, if designed to be worn outside trousers or skirt, are permissable i.e. ribbed welt or side slits. Trousers must not be tucked into socks. Shorts must be tailored. No blue denim or tracksuits.Golf shoes only no trainers.


The above also applies in the clubhouse, except that no hats or golf shoes are allowed. Shirts especially designed to be worn outside trousers are allowed here, but not on the course. This code does not apply to the locker rooms. Jacket and tie is mandatory for AGM’s, EGM’s, and all official prize presentations unless otherwise specified.

Ladies - A change of clothing is required for all official prize presentations.
Juniors - Shirt and tie is acceptable.
Members are responsible for their guests.


... And will be enforced by members, management and staff – failure will result in access being denied. Acting in accordance with these rules will avert any embarrassing situations.

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